Landscaping Project in Mequon, Wisconsin

One of our Landscape Architects envisioned this landscaping project in Mequon, Wisconsin.  The project is a complete renovation that includes bluestone patio and walks, shade structure, retaining walls, landscape lighting and plantings.  This project was implemented by our talented crews of landscapers, who take enormous pride in their work.

The patio was constructed using tumbled bluestone pavers and Germantown paver border supplied by Halquist Stone Company.  The new design creates a unified feel, with individual gathering spaces defined by careful placement of plantings and border stone.  The informal curves and rounded patios establish a soothing environment in which to unwind and host parties.  In addition to the large main patio, a smaller breakfast patio sits adjacent to the kitchen allowing for more intimate gatherings.

Custom built shade structures provide relief from the strong afternoon sun and add comfort to the main gathering space.  Using Cedar lumber ensures that the pergola will last for decades and allows the option of staining or painting in the future.

By redesigning the front walk we created a stronger sense of entry, leading visitors in a more direct path to the front door.  By using the same stone throughout the project, the design stays consistent.

The F/X Luminaire landscape lighting system furthers the elegance of the project by adding warmth, safety and security.

We used Weathered Holey Boulders for the retaining walls and stone outcroppings provided by Eden Stone Company.  This limestone material has a unique beauty all its own and adds to the natural feel of the project.

Plantings strategically located throughout the property add year-round interest through a mix of seasonal color, scent, variation in leaf texture and plant height.

Up High Productions put together a beautiful video of the project using drone footage.  Special thanks to Sherry for sharing it with us!  Check out the video and photos of the project below.

Honey Bees: Small Creatures with Big Problems

Starting around 2006, we began seeing a large amount of media coverage surrounding the problem of reduced populations in managed honey bee populations, called Colony Collapse Disorder (or CCD).  This disorder is characterized by the loss of large portion of the worker bees in a colony or loss of the colony entirely.  Until recently, this disorder mainly affected worker bees, but is beginning to affect queens as well.

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Landscaping Project in Mequon, Wisconsin

Our client in Mequon Wisconsin was looking to turn a tired and outdated landscape into a space that reflects their personal tastes and lifestyle.  The existing landscape included a small wood and composite deck and small concrete service walk, which connected the driveway, garage service door, and deck. Plantings in the adjacent areas were in many cases overgrown and in need of updating.  Perennials that could be divided and reused were transplanted into the existing landscape.

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Edible Landscapes

Most people don’t consider taste to be one of the senses engaged by a landscape, but including edible plants can make your landscape even more functional and enhance sustainability. Vegetable gardens can be included in your landscape in such a way that they blend with the overall style of your landscape. After all, there isn’t a prerequisite for gardens that says they need to be rectangular! With strategically placed planting areas and stepper paths, gardens can be easily integrated into almost any landscape style and don’t look out of place.  Read on for some interesting ideas of edibles you can include in your landscape!
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The Devil’s in the Details

To truly create a “sense of place,” it is essential to go beyond simply creating a unique landscape design that appeals to the eye. While this is extremely important, it’s the details that differentiates your site from all the rest. These details are dictated by you, your tastes and the ways you intend to use your outdoor space.
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Website Launched!

Special thanks to The Orion Group for their hard work in creating our beautiful new website.  We hope you find it as appealing as we do!  For continued updates and useful information like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and add us to your Google+ circles for the latest trends in the landscaping industry.  Check back often for galleries of our recently completed projects for great ideas to improve your outdoor living space.

We are looking forward to another busy season!