Landscape Maintenance

Our landscape management professionals have the knowledge and experience to handle all of your property maintenance needs, from routine services to unusual problems.  Our property maintenance services are offered á la carte, which gives you the flexibility to create a personalized maintenance package for your home.  Contact us today for a free site visit and price estimate!

Lawn mowing
Our lawn mowing service includes weekly lawn mowing, string trimming around plant beds and hard surfaces, and blowing clippings out of plant beds and off of hard surfaces.
Lawn fertilizing
Our standard lawn fertilizing program is a 4-step program of slow-release granular fertilizer.  The first application includes a crabgrass pre-emergent to prevent crab grass from germinating.  The final application of the season contains a winterizer to prepare your lawn for the long Wisconsin winter.
Lawn weed control
Our standard lawn weed control program consists of three visits, the first of which is a broadcast application to your entire lawn area.  The remaining visits are spot spraying to target any weeds we find.  The visits are staggered throughout the growing season to get the best possible kill at the right time.
Pest control
There are a variety of pests that can cause damage to your landscape, and our licensed pesticide applicators are able to supply products to combat them.  Some common pests include deer that browse on your plants, voles that dig up your turf, and grubs that eat the roots of your grass.
Plant bed maintenance
Caring for your plants and plant beds is the best way to keep your property looking its best.  Our plant bed maintenance offerings include bi-weekly weed removal, pruning shrubs, deadheading spent flower blooms, fertilizing plants and applying pre-emergent herbicide to prevent new weeds from growing. These services are offered á la carte, giving you the flexibility to create a program that fits your budget.

Plant bed edging
Over time, natural plant bed edges begin to settle and need to be re-cut.  Natural bed edges prevent your lawn from creeping into planting areas and provide a barrier to keep mulch in the plant bed.  In addition to the functional advantages, a freshly cut bed edge gives your landscape a polished, clean look.

Keeping your plant beds mulched is an important part of keeping your plants healthy.  Natural mulches, such as shredded hardwood bark mulch, biodegrade and becomes a natural source of fertilizer for your plants.  In addition, mulch helps keep moisture in the ground, keeps roots cool during the hot summer months, and provides protection for plants over the winter.  Adding a light top-dressing of mulch in the spring is also a great way to keep your beds looking great.

We typically use a twice-processed premium hardwood bark mulch, but we are happy to provide alternative types of mulch at your request.

Pond and water feature maintenance
We offer pond and water feature maintenance, including spring start up and fall shut down, algae control and pond cleaning.

Spring and fall clean up

After a brutal winter, the last thing you want to do is pick up the debris that has found its way to your yard, so let us take care of that for you!

Our spring clean up includes picking up and disposing of debris in your plant beds and lawn, cutting back any perennials that remain from the previous season, and pruning shrubs that are best pruned in spring.

The fall clean up service includes blowing leaves out of plant beds into the lawn, then mulching leaves into your lawn with a mulching mower. There are a number of ways to deal with fall leaf drop, but recent studies have shown that the mulched leaves provide your turf with additional protection over winter and extra nutrients come spring when they biodegrade. After we’re done, you won’t even know the leaves were there!