Patios Walks and Terraces

Outdoor living spaces are a wonderful way to increase the usable space on your property, and have the added benefit of increasing property value.  Whether it be a formal gathering place or an informal breakfast spot, your patio adds function and beauty to your surroundings.  By design, our patios and walkways fit into the land naturally, rather than feeling imposed.  When we’re done, you’ll believe that your new patio has always belonged there, and it will satisfy your needs and lifestyle completely.

The function of your patio or walk guides us to designing the perfect space;  gathering places for large groups of people have different requirements than a smaller, more intimate setting.  Knowing how you plan to use your outdoor living space helps us create a design with adequate space, and maintain a consistent sense of scale.

There are a significant number of material choices for paving areas, with almost unlimited flexibility in function, color, installation pattern and texture.  Here are some of the more commonly used materials:

Natural Stone Pavers
Clay Pavers
Concrete Pavers