Patios Walks and Terraces

Outdoor living spaces are a wonderful way to increase the usable space on your property, and have the added benefit of increasing property value.  Whether it be a formal gathering place or an informal breakfast spot, your patio adds function and beauty to your surroundings.  By design, our patios and walkways fit into the land naturally, rather than feeling imposed.  When we’re done, you’ll believe that your new patio has always belonged there, and it will satisfy your needs and lifestyle completely.

The function of your patio or walk guides us to designing the perfect space;  gathering places for large groups of people have different requirements than a smaller, more intimate setting.  Knowing how you plan to use your outdoor living space helps us create a design with adequate space, and maintain a consistent sense of scale.

There are a significant number of material choices for paving areas, with almost unlimited flexibility in function, color, installation pattern and texture.  Here are some of the more commonly used materials:

Natural Stone Pavers
Terraced New York Bluestone Patio

Terraced New York Bluestone Patio

Natural stone pavers are elegant, beautiful, and durable, and produce a look unlike any other.  We typically work with natural stone pavers for their substantial durability and beauty.  Natural stone is elegant, it’s look cannot be replicated in a man-made product, and its color does not fade over time.  Natural stone pavers are produced in quarries all over the world, so they are available in a multitude of colors, styles, and textures.

Natural stone products can also come in varying thicknesses, which allows for practically any application.  Thicker material can be ordered to support the weight of vehicular traffic, allowing use in cobblestone driveways or accents, while thinner material allows for reduced cost and easier installation in patios and walks.

When ordered in “natural cleft,” natural stone pavers vary in thickness because the surfaces of the material are irregular and weathered.  Natural cleft material provides wonderful color variation, adds interest, and makes any patio or walkway more dramatic.

Thermal material is saw cut to uniform thickness, then heated to slightly blister the surface, which creates a safe, non-slippery, consistent place to walk.  If you like the look natural stone but would prefer a less weathered look, thermal products are the right choice for your project.

Limestone pavers vary in color from stark white to deep red depending upon the quarry they originate from.  The quarries near to Ozaukee County are able to provide a significant range of colors and styles.  While it is a type of limestone, New York Bluestone has several options as well.  Full Range Bluestone contains shades of blue and rust, while All Blue Bluestone only contains variations of blue for increased uniformity.

Here links to our natural stone suppliers:
Eden Stone Company
Halquist Stone Company

Clay Pavers
Brick walk

Belden Belcrest 760 Clay Paver Walkway

Clay pavers, or “bricks,” are manufactured using molds, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  Clay pavers have the flexibility to be installed in a significant number of laying patterns, such as running bond, basket weave, and herringbone.

The color in any clay paver is resistant to fading, so they will stay the same color as they were the day they were laid.  In addition, clay pavers are a “green” building material made from the most abundant ingredients on the planet, and are a time-tested, durable and sustainable building material.

In addition to it’s long-term value, brick installs very quickly because of the uniform thickness of the material, which reduces the cost of your project.

For more information on clay pavers, visit the Brick Industry Association website at

Here are some links to various brick manufacturers:
The Belden Brick Company
Pine Hall Brick

Concrete Pavers
Brussels Block Patio

Unilock Brussels Block Concrete Paver Patio

Concrete pavers are a budget-friendly way to improve the look and feel of your outdoor space.  Concrete pavers come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.  The styles and colors of concrete pavers can change from a year-to-year basis based on the manufacturing availability.

Concrete pavers can also have a large number of laying pattern options, each being unique to the specific paver it was designed for.  These patterns can be combined or varied to delineate space, to encourage visitors to travel in a certain direction or to add accents to your patio or walk.

In addition, the uniform thickness of concrete pavers allow for faster installation, reducing the cost of labor to install your project.

Here are links to some of the more common concrete paver manufacturers: