Landscape Restoration

An opportunity waiting to happen…

The landscape restoration of a commercial or residential property, when professionally designed, significantly increases it’s value.  However, we believe that an even greater value is derived from the pure comfort and enjoyment that restoring your landscape can provide.

Your landscape is an investment that continues to appreciate as it matures, but if your landscape has become overgrown or out of control it can reduce your property value.  Restoring a landscape can mean many things, from resetting and leveling paver areas, to renewal pruning overgrown shrubs.  We will come up with a plan to return your landscape to its former glory by recommending areas of focus in order to improve aesthetics, increase usability and, if necessary, improve safety.

With the combined experience of over 50 years, our staff of registered landscape architects can help restore the value of your landscape at your home or business.

The art of blending land and structure is our passion.