Landscape Architecture & Design

Choosing your Landscape Architect or landscape designer is an important first step toward a landscape that you love. While considering the many options available, be sure to put the design staff of Treetops Landscape Design at the top of your list.

Our Principles

Most people consider landscape architecture and landscape design to be the same thing, but, in reality they are quite different. A Landscape Architect is tasked with creating a sense of place; we create harmony throughout the scope of a project, whether it is a home site, a golf course, a commercial lot or a public park.

Some of the design considerations can include placement of structures, creation of circulation systems, and modification of the existing site conditions to achieve specific aesthetic or practical goals.

Landscape Architecture
Seat Wall

At Treetops Landscape Design, one of our guiding principles is that outdoor spaces should fit, rather than feel imposed. The architectural style of the building, the existing site conditions, and the surrounding vistas are all taken into consideration when creating a landscape plan.

We employ a design principle knows as “architectural transition,” allowing us to merge structure and land, using common design elements. This adds a sense of purpose and meaning to your landscape, creating a natural flow between it and the structure.

Our Passion

With over 100 years of combined experience, our staff of Registered Landscape Architects and landscape designers is qualified to tackle even the most complex of projects.

We take enormous pride in creating landscape plans for our clients that fit their budget while satisfying their design requirements. Our goal is to create designs with purpose, meaning and sustainability. The measure of success in our landscape projects is always relative to the degree of our client’s use and enjoyment.

Holey Boulder Wall

Our Process

Your landscape says something about you, and it should be as unique as you are. When we design your landscape, we begin by discussing your specific criteria, requirements and style during a free initial consultation in the comfort of your own home or at our office in Grafton.

After all available information has been gathered, such as house plans and surveys, we perform a thorough site analysis to evaluate existing conditions. At this point a concept plan is developed, and then presented to you in a second meeting. Any major changes to the landscape plan are done at this time, prior to detailing. Now the final landscape plan is completed, including construction details, planting choices, and other relevant information.

Landscape Design
Landscape Design

Once complete, your landscape plan is yours to keep. We will gladly provide you with a free estimate to implement the project. If we implement part of, or the entire project, we will waive a percentage of the design fee equal to the percentage of the value of the project implemented. (I.E. If you implement 50% of the value of the entire project, 50% of the design fee will be waived.)

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Treetops Landscape Design, Inc. is looking for hardworking team members to join our team that has been proudly serving the north shore area for over 45 years.