To truly create a “sense of place,” it is essential to go beyond simply creating a unique landscape design that appeals to the eye. While this is extremely important, it’s the details that differentiates your site from all the rest. These details are dictated by you, your tastes and the ways you intend to use your outdoor space.

We completed projects last year in both Mequon and Port Washington that included boulders carved into the patio. Using boulders in this way projected a more natural feel into what is typically an unexciting flat surface. Along with visual interest, the boulders provide additional informal seating and help differentiate the different areas of the patio.  There are natural materials available in a wide array of colors and textures to coordinate with the architecture of the structure and the landscape.

Custom bamboo fence in Port Washington, WIMany other forms of ornamentation can help make your site “pop.” A client in Port Washington included some ceramic spheres of varying sizes, painted to match the brick we used in the border of her patio.  Coupled with a custom bamboo fence, these elements give her back yard an artistic Zen feel.  Using the proper combination of elements is key in order to maintain a cohesive style.

Don’t feel limited to objects and sculptures to make your site unique. There are many plants you can use as focal points or accents that are often overlooked. One great example is Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick (Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’), a wonderfully strange shrub whose branches twist and contort as they grow.  Another wonderful option is the Bloodgood Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’), a small scale tree with deep burgundy leaves and a beautiful arching habit.

Going beyond the basics and including unique features in your landscape will make it a memorable place for anyone who spends time there by engaging them more deeply.  Join the discussion on our Facebook page and share the unique features of your outdoor living space!