Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great option to add beauty and elegance to your landscape. It doesn’t just add aesthetics; landscape lighting extends the time you’re able to enjoy the outdoors and improves safety by improving visibility at night.

Our Lighting Options

There are countless options for low voltage landscape lighting, but we typically use FX Luminaire systems ( because of the high quality of the products, large number of fixtures to choose from, and significant customization options. FX has also recently introduced Luxor technology, which gives you more options for controlling your lighting system than you can imagine, including the ability to control your system via a smartphone!

Landscape Lighting
Landscape lighting in Mequon WI

Most low voltage landscape lighting systems offer traditional incandescent bulbs or newer LED technology. While LED fixtures have a slightly higher cost than incandescent fixtures, you easily recoup this cost in energy savings. Aside from energy cost, more fixtures can be included on a single run, so less cable is required to set up the system. In addition, far more LED fixtures can be powered by a lower wattage transformer, providing future expansion of the system.

The number of fixtures in your lighting system dictates the wattage of your transformer. In addition, the transformer options from FX Luminaire give you as little or as much control over your system as you want. Adding a photocell and/or timer to your system is another cost-effective way to reduce energy savings and give extra control over your system.

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